Kitchen tops are one of the main elements of a well-designed kitchen. If you choose stone, your work surface in the kitchen will be long-lasting, durable, and functional. Materials that bring a set of positive technical and aesthetic features are natural granite and artificial quartz. If you want a kitchen top that withstands everyday use, while retaining an attractive visual impression, then these two materials are the right choice for you. In addition to being very durable and easy to maintain, they blend well with other materials and together create effective combinations. Natural granite gives the kitchen a striking look with its various variations in color and structure, while quartz leaves an elegant impression due to its uniform color and structure.

The kitchen is the most important room in most homes. Let us help you choose your kitchen top so that you can enjoy your culinary skills and socialize with your loved ones for as long and relaxed as possible.


Artificial quartz - Frappe
Artificial quartz - Colomba
Granite - Ivory Brown
Granite - Nero Zimbabwe
Umjetni kvarc - Nougat
Artificial quartz - Grafite
Artificial quartz - Michelangelo
Artificial quartz - Calacatta
Artificial quartz - Grafite
Umjetni kvarc - Breeze Hull
Granite - Verde Marina
Artificial quartz - Colomba
Artificial quartz - Colomba
Artificial quartz - Neve