Stairs connect the floors and rooms of your home or business space, so it is very important to fit them with the rest of the interior. Choosing a material that aesthetically and technically does a good job is the most important part when designing a staircase. By investing in a stone staircase, you have provided your home with long-lasting and unique stairs that are resistant to wear, damage, and other impacts. At our place, you can also make self-supporting stairs that give your home a whole new dimension.

As you know, stairs are a continuation of floors. At our firm, you can also make stone floors. Apart from the fact that it is not demanding to maintain, the appearance of the stone remains the same over the years. The stone best displays its quality and beauty on floor coverings.

Let's connect the rooms of your home. We will help you choose the material depending on whether you want interior or exterior stairs/floors. 


Granite - Nero Impala
Granite - Vyara Gold
Granite - Nero Impala
Artificial marble - Braga
Artificial marble - Polare
Granite - Kashmir White
Granite - New Cristal
Artificial marble - Madreperla
Artificial marble and artificial quartz - Polare i carbone
Artificial marble - Polare
Marble- Breccia Sarda