Measure window sills

To make you an offer for window sills, we need some information.

Measurement of window sills is performed as follows:

1. step

Measure the length of the window opening from wall to wall and reduce by 0.5 cm on each side (to stretch the material lengthwise)

2. step

Measure the width of the wall to the window

3. step

Add the intended width of styrofoam and plaster to the measured width

4. step

For external benches add a minimum of 4 cm of overhang, and for indoor 2 cm of overhang over the finished wall

5. step

Select the thickness (2 or 3 cm) and type of material

We recommend granite for outdoor benches, and granite, marble orartificial marble for infoor ones.

Make a list with the lengths and widths of the window sills, indicate whether they are interior or exterior benches, and contact us. pošaljite upit.